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Phoebe, Junior Margaret Oliphant

Phoebe, Junior

Margaret Oliphant

Kindle Edition
364 pages
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 About the Book 

Last time I was prompted to read a book by hearing part of a dramatised extract, I found I had heard the only mildly funny bit and had to spend time with the rather dull Anne of Green Gables. Undeterred I decided to give Pheobe Junior a go and I am very glad that I did. Mrs Olliphant is very wordy and sometimes takes an age to get to the point, but she is also funny and, lack of brevity aside, knows how to tell a story. The book is interesting for its view of class and the relationships between the established church and dissenters. Mr Copperhead is a great Victorian character with some extreme views. All in all, I enjoyed it so much that I would like thatve given it 5 stars. But it is perhaps too wordy and too far from great literature for that.