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A Lesson with Mr. Dickson J.C. Wyatt

A Lesson with Mr. Dickson

J.C. Wyatt

Published September 13th 2013
Kindle Edition
72 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

The town of Waters Edge is suddenly turned on its head when soldiers flood in, evacuating citizens. Kevin Mara and his friends Charity, Miley, Deacon, and Trent question why, but nobody gives them an answer. When Charity, the girl Kevin has had a crush on for forever, decides she wants to stay behind, he is anxious. Still she pushes it and Kevin chooses to wait with her and hide out. Miley, Deacon, and Trent decide that if Kevin and Charity are staying behind, they will too. The mistake turns out bigger than any of them bargained for, though, when Waters Edge gets overrun by killer zombies.