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A Broken Us (London Lover, #1) Amy Daws

A Broken Us (London Lover, #1)

Amy Daws

303 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Finley and Brody live in their own perfect bubble of us. With her quirky ways and his scandalously sexy passion, I love us has become their own charming endearment. But the illusion of that picture-perfect bubble is ruptured after a trip to the doctor leaves Finley doubting everything she ever knew, and feeling more alone than ever before.Crippled with the fear of Brodys reaction and her own uncertain future, Finley abandons the life she loves and runs - breaking Brodys heart. Hopping the next international flight to London, she is immersed in a brand-new country that offers her the escape she needs. When Liam, a cheeky and self-proclaimed fixer, catches her eye, she strives to make a fresh start... only to realize her heart never really left home.A painful tragedy brings Finely back to the one she left behind - but Brody is shattered when he learns the real reason she left. Now Finley must fight to put the pieces back together, so they can become us once again.