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Souls Unbound (Souls Series) Tina Pollick

Souls Unbound (Souls Series)

Tina Pollick

Published December 2nd 2013
Kindle Edition
66 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Drew is shocked when his fellow soul broker, Eton, calls out to him for his help in freeing his love, Gwen. Struck by disbelief, but finally understanding, Drew agrees to help him. When Mackenzie finds out Drew is even thinking about going to Hell—well, he’s not going without her.Olesha isn’t done punishing Drew by a long shot, but even she’s gone too far this time. Using Gwen, Olesha plots to kidnap Mackenzie and trap her in Hell. Will Mackenzie be strong enough for Olesha’s mind games, or will she become Olesha’s next broker?Drew races to save Mackenzie, and free Gwen. Only one will be saved. Who will it be?