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Hues of Blackness: A Jamaican Saga Rosey Thomas Palmer

Hues of Blackness: A Jamaican Saga

Rosey Thomas Palmer

Published March 1st 2011
ISBN : 9781609118860
278 pages
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 About the Book 

In the jewel of the Caribbean, against a rich canvas of history and myth, comes a story of one womans determination to reclaim her beloved land...When Amy experiences a debilitating stroke as a result of an ongoing dispute with the belligerent Mr. Barclay, she is left with much to say but an inability to communicate. Though her daughter and granddaughter rush to her side, Amys focus is less on her recovery and more on her desire to build her claim over what she believes is ancestral land. As each person in her life searches for the needed evidence, the threads of the past-of Amys foremothers-Taino, Spanish, Maroon, and slave-are wondrously revealed. The names in our bloodline have taught me that women are not to be oppressed, for there is pride and belonging in a remembered name, and it has the power to call home a traveller who may have forgotten her way. - Amy About the Author: Rosey Thomas Palmer has written plays and poetry for thirty-three years. Her novel, Hues of Blackness, was born from discussions with Eva Jones, a well-known archivist and beloved friend, as well as from Palmers exploration of island history.When Palmer is not in her native England, she calls Jamaica home-a magical island where I have spent the happiest times in the most challenging situations. Currently she is working on a set of sequels to Hues of Blackness, which will highlight the male experience through island history. Palmer juggles her busy writing schedule with teaching, copyediting, social work, and family responsibilities. Publishers website: http: //www.strategicpublishinggroup.com/titl...