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Intelligent Networks Telecommunications Solutions for the 1990s Dimitris N. Chorafas

Intelligent Networks Telecommunications Solutions for the 1990s

Dimitris N. Chorafas

Published May 29th 1990
ISBN : 9780849374012
380 pages
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 About the Book 

Intelligent Networks: Telecommunications Solutions for the 1990s addresses the telecommunications perspective of the 1990s and the problems involved in the transition from where we are now to where we should be within the next decade. It will appeal to managers as well as specialists interested in how communications and information technologies will evolve during the coming five to seven years. Valuable information on how they can use the new products becoming available to their companys advantage is also provided. This book is divided into two parts: Part 1 focuses on the strategic aspects of Intelligent Networks, while Part 2 looks into the dynamics and mechanics of computer networks and focuses on transition. Topics discussed in Part 1 include a look into advanced projects currently under development in the U.S. and Japan- the next big steps in deregulation from the viewpoint of the Federal Communications Commission- Artificial Intelligence (AI) implementation in network operations- the establishment of global private networks with AI as the infrastructure- and a discussion regarding the merits of open architectures, ISDN, teleports and bypass, and photonics. Topics discussed in Part 2 include system integration- a case study of Union Bank of Switzerland and how an Intelligent Network documentation database can be used to increase the quality of network design, improve upon the reliability of its implementation, automate diagnostics and facilitate maintenance, provide quality histories for different vendors, and swamp the costs associated with networking. Part 2 also includes a discussion regarding the prerequisites for system reliability- managements role in cost-effectiveness- telecommunications tariffs and the architectural impact on costing- and how to tips for negotiating with vendors. This book provides valuable insight into the telecommunications technologies developing over the next 10 years and should be considered required reading for all professionals within the telecommunications industry, finance, and other fields in which data communication plays a vital role.