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If Dreams Came True X-Large Andrew  Simpson

If Dreams Came True X-Large

Andrew Simpson

Published August 4th 2013
ISBN : 9781491277270
92 pages
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 About the Book 

If Dreams Came True is a story very loosely based on a dream Andrew Simpson had when he was ill. In the dream, he thought he had been kidnapped and hidden away. When he woke in the dream, it was many years later, and everything was strange. There had been a war, and now there was a world government. He was in serious condition, but great advances had been made it the medical field, so he was able to be cured. Once he was able to get around, he searched for his family, found his grandmother, and learned that his father was living on the moon. He and Grandma got together and decided to emigrate to the moon, where they settled down. Andsim became a doctor, grandma ran a crafts store and class, and all was going well. There were adventures on the moon, and new people in their lives, and interesting things happening. Including a Loony Idol contest. Life was full and happy. But then new worlds were being opened and they wondered about another move.