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Funnies from Nowhere Diabla Frijoles

Funnies from Nowhere

Diabla Frijoles

Published May 29th 2003
ISBN : 9780595279517
192 pages
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 About the Book 

Not real? Coyote howled. A filthy lie. He grabbed a wiener and shoved the end of a willow stick through its middle. The Nowherians were deployed around a rusty wheelbarrow used as a grill for their annual Fourth of July weenie roast.Jackrabbit examined the puffy black wiener on the end of his stick. You still upset about Frijoles saying that Funnies from Nowhere is fiction?Coyote jabbed the coals, creating an explosion of sparks and coating his wiener in ash. You bet I am. If were not real, then neither is Nowhere, and the cartoon character who was boner-fidee elected President of the United States isnt either. He rapped his stick to knock off the ash, and his wiener fell into the fire.If your wiener were parallel to the stick instead of perpendicular, that wouldnt happen, offered Pearl.He stared at her until the answer came to him. Parallel is safer but limits you to one wiener. He seized a handful, mounted a row of six, and suspended the drooping load over the fire. My only limitations are the length of my stick and the size of the fire.