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Genofein Etavia Topham


Etavia Topham

Kindle Edition
197 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

On the world of Shauntell it is normal to be born with superhuman abilities. this is why it is illegal to marry outside of your own Kind- the government of this world does not want new abilities to be created. but Sevet Caleverts parents got married anyway, ignoring the law and following love. now they are on the run, trying to stay alive.While all this is unfolding, Sevets twin brother, Abertain decides that he wants to rule the government and, eventually, the world. Sevet has to race to save the world from her evil twin, and the only people she can trust, she has only just met.Can she trust them? Will all their abilities together be enough to stop Abertain and his followers?There is only one way to find out. . .